Letter to Editor: Protest Set for Wed March 28 at City Council – Stop 12 Story Building on Old Mission/Chestnut/ECR

South San Francisco, Ca    March 26, 2018  Submitted by South San Francisco Resident 


Dear Editor,

I moved here 32 years ago because our family really liked the small feel of this City, the close knit community, and the pace of life yet we are close to San Francisco and other great locations for other activities. But now it feels like we live in San Francisco with all the cranes up in the air building building building, everywhere you go. And the traffic is so congested we just cannot continue growing like this and maintain the reasons so many of us moved here. Six stories to replace the car wash, a high rise for the police station by the Pet Club and now they want 12 stories on Old Mission next to all of this, all in a small space. And 12 stories is too high for our city, especially in the middle of it on El Camino Real where we have family neighborhoods.

Everyone complains, I see it on your page but no one shows up to the meetings. I’ve gone to several planning meetings and no one is there. We need to stop this now. Please put this next-door  flyer out on your page and maybe neighbors will understand what a 12 story building will do to the quality of life. I went to the changing of the guard for the Mayor and was happy to hear the focus would be quality of life but this is not it at all. People need to stand up.  They did this in San Mateo, I read it on your page, about stopping a development because it didn’t fit in with the neighborhood and it was only a few stories high. If people stand up and come to the meeting we can do this here too. It has to stop.

Please do not use my name because my spouse works for the city and we don’t want repercussions.”


UPDATE From City of South San Francisco:The City welcomes input from everyone, whether they are employed by the City or not. Please note, this meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. – not 7:00 p.m., as noted in the letter. We look forward to seeing you all there this Wednesday and listening to your feedback. Sincerely, Leslie Arroyo, Communications Director

{Editor Note: The City Council meetings are held at 7pm however this item will be heard during the Joint Special Meeting City Council and Successor Agency which is held at 6pm. CLICK HERE for more information}





Picture shows how tall 12 stories will be – this picture is NOT representative of SSF proposed development.

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