Letter to the Editor: Commercial Vehicle Parking in Residential Neighborhood Restrictions Per SSF Ordinance

South San Francisco, CA    March 11, 2018  Submitted by Michael Harris, SSF Resident

EDITORS NOTE: Abuse of commercial vehicles parking in residential neighborhoods has been an issue in different neighborhoods in South San Francisco and we have worked to address this concern on a few occasions including THIS article from 2014 which still includes information on ordinances. If you have traffic/parking concerns please contact the SSFPD Traffic Sgt at (650) 829-3934.  To report vehicles left over 72 hours, or abandoned, please call the hotline with location, color/make/model/year of vehicle (650) 829-3939. Mr Harris has requested we share his letter to the editor with fellow residents. 

I have filed numerous complaints about Sugar Bear Plumbing operating a business with sometimes 3 plumbing trucks at 2XX Alta Mesa Drive.
The dead vehicle in the driveway has no current registration. There is a mobile soldering trailer in the garage with propane storage tank too.
I doubt this home has been upgraded to modern commercial fire suppression standards for commercial propane storage.
The home is a $3500 monthly rental.
Craig became Acting Fire Marshall when Luis DaSilva retired in late December.
My complaints are on record. Craig has emailed me about these, as I recall.
It has been so long, I would have trouble finding the email.
I hope SSF will find new a Fire Marshall and new a Fire Chief up to the job soonest.
I have complained at CPTF meetings about quality of life problems in Buri Buri for years.
The Carpet Cleaning Van is still parked on San Felipe Drive between Del Monte & Camaritis.
It is owned by KJ who lives across the street from me in the illegal rental unit.
He moves the van from one side of the street to the other side of the street.
SSF public works has made numerous trips to clear the drains from this illegal unit.
There is an un-vented gas stove in the unit. This parking also overflows to other residences.
The white trailer there has sat for several years.
Tires have been marked by SSF PD on both vehicles.
At the bottom of Alta Mesa Drive, the home has been converted to a corporation yard with a very high rolling gate for gardening trucks.
This equipment also overflows into the street during the work week.
All over Buri Buri are commercial vehicles that are more than just a home office.
There are other contractors who store their vehicles at home.
Flynn Glass has 2 on Del Monte. Mostly he keeps them in the driveway.
There is a black car trailer at the north end of Del Monte that has sat for months.

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