Neighborhood Alert by Winston Manor Resident

South San Francisco, CA   March 19, 2018  from Everything South City FB 

**NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT** A #SSF neighbor shares this warning from Winston Manor

“Good morning, please spread this out and let our neighbors be aware that someone has been opening cars to steal coins or valuable stuff around Arlington dr. My wife was leaving this morning and as she was driving she noticed that some of her stuff and paper works inside her car was scattered, and her coins were missing. Our locked car was parked in front of our house too. She mentioned that when she was leaving the house, she saw someone on a black hoody walking around the neighborhood.

I remember a few weeks ago when it was raining I saw some suspicious guy walking outside around 1 am in a black hoody with his umbrella. Its weird coz they did the same thing to my neighbor and just took some of the coins and locked the door back.

I’ve talked to my neighbors and some of their locked cars have also been broken into.”


Ben C: Happened to me a few months ago, except I left my car unlocked accidentally.

Michael S: Happened to us up here by Callan and King a few years ago. Same thing: went through the car, took whatever money was in there (coins) and relocked the car. In SF, they just break the windows.

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