Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs Award South San Francisco Police Sergeants Chetcuti and Toscano at Annual Ceremony

South San Francisco, CA   March 20, 2018  Submitted by SSFPD

South San Francisco Police Sergeant Ken Chetcuti and Sergeant Mike Toscano received awards at the Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs Annual Police and Fire Awards Ceremony that was held on Friday, March 16th. Sergeant Chetcuti received the Service Award for creating the Gatepath Academy, which is a new program that provides officers an opportunity to teach and interact with special needs members of the community. Sergeant Toscano received the Valor Award for pulling a drowning woman out of the water at the marina.

Sergeant Chetcuti was also chosen to receive the PCL “Area Wide” Service Award for his innovative program. Sergeant Toscano is a two-time recipient having received the Valor Award last year for rendering emergency medical aid to an individual with a life-threatening injury.

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