Produce Alley Sports Tavern Under New Management

South San Francisco, CA   March 19, 2018  Submitted by Shaham Davani, Former Owner of Produce Alley Sports Tavern

As you might have heard, the restaurant was recently sold and the new owners are wonderful people. I made sure the history, long standing family service and quality is retained with the change of management and we couldn’t be more proud and excited.  Their names are Silvia and Benjamin Figueroa and the husband is the chef of a well known establishment from North Beach, San Francisco.

The South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 11th at noon.

We wish the Figueroa family a great success as we know our patrons will be well cared for.

PRODUCE ALLEY SPORTS TAVERN 125 Terminal Court #44, South San Francisco  650/583.2293 Hours: M-F 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM




1 comment for “Produce Alley Sports Tavern Under New Management

  1. Ann
    August 31, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    We have been going to this restaurant for many years, going way back
    to when it was Yolanda’s. Arrived today for lunch and the Restaurant was empty, probably not a good sign..
    Although the menu looked similar, the quality of the food served must be described as inedible.
    The fish dishes were obviously frozen and covered with some kind of cream sauce tcould not mask
    the tasteless salmon and sole. The fish and chips were a far cry from to the dish served in the past and the vegetables and even fries looked limp and tasted the same. In the end we paid for the meal and left a generous tip to the obviously frazzled waitress who was apologetic offering only that the place was under new management. We left the plates virtually uneaten and when off to grab a burger elsewhere.

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