Residential Development in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  March 27, 2018

With cranes hovering above us and traffic congestion in front and behind us, many South City residents are saying Enough is Enough! Long time residents believe this growth is too much at one time and continue to ask City officials to slow down the development that is changing the face, and the heart, of our City. While it is understood this is a regional issue, it is up to local residents to set the tone of the place they call home, and their voices are rising up. Quality of life is negatively being impacted to accommodate new comers to the booming biotech while many neighbors are moving away.  Too many residents say they are feeling they are being pushed out from their home and their community that they have helped create.

A protest is planned for Wednesday evening at the City Council Chambers 33 Arroyo Drive South San Francisco at 6:00 PM as the Council picks which firm will develop a 12 story 820+/- unit monstrosity planned for the geographical center of town. This area off of El Camino Real on Mission Road will also be home to the City’s ‘Civic Center’ which is to house a new police station, recreation center, library and administrative offices. South City Car Wash will soon disappear after 60+ years of serving our residents and visitors and a 6 story high rise to house 172 units will take the place of this current one story business.

South San Francisco had been committed to keeping high rises in the business area of town, east of Highway 101.  Yet with this recent wave of gentrification high rises are dotting our downtown and sprawling out from there, with new buildings popping up vying for air space blocking views of iconic landmarks that have given South City their identity. Now officials are seeking to add a 12 story development in the center of our City.

Below are only some of the developments in the pipeline for South City, not included are commercial projects, the new civic center, or other developments that are still being vetted by officials. For more info on each of these projects  CLICK HERE.



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