Burlingame Police Department Advise Of Severe Traffic Impact On Airport Blvd Sunday April 15th as Diva’s Half Marathon Takes Place

South San Francisco, CA   April 9, 2018  Submitted by SMC Alert System

On Sunday, April 15th the City of Burlingame will be hosting the Diva’s Half Marathon, scheduled to take place on the east side of town in the area of Bayside Fields and along Airport Blvd to the city limits with San Mateo.

Traffic in the area will be impacted from approx. 3:45AM-12:00PM.

Airport Blvd will be closed between Bayshore Hwy and Anza Blvd for the duration of the event.

The 100 block of Anza Blvd (including access to the Embassy Suites Hotel) and the northbound lanes of Airport Blvd between Anza Blvd and Peninsula Ave (including access the Sheraton Hotel and all other businesses along the eastside of Airport Blvd) will be temporarily closed from approximately 6:45AM-7:45AM.   Vehicles will not be permitted to exit, or gain entry, to the Embassy Suites and neighboring businesses on the 100 block of Anza.

The southbound lanes of Airport Blvd between Anza Blvd to Bayview Place will be open to two way traffic to allow access to all businesses along the west side of Airport Blvd from approximately 6:45AM-8:00AM; however, this will only be able to be accessed via Anza Blvd from northbound Highway 101.  Southbound traffic will be directed to make a U-Turn, as it approaches Bayview Place, to northbound Airport Blvd.  This traffic’s only exit from the area will be to enter northbound 101 from Airport Blvd via Anza Blvd.

Northbound traffic from Peninsula Av, from 6:45Am-8:00AM, will be able to gain access to Burlingame businesses on the west side of Airport Blvd up to Anza Blvd.  At which point they will have to exit Burlingame onto N/B 101 via Anza Blvd.

Pay particular attention to No Parking/Tow Away signs as cars will be towed from Airport Blvd between Fisherman’s Park and Lang Rd.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please contact the Traffic Sergeant at the Burlingame Police Department at 650-777-4100.

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