David’s Sunrise Brings Awareness to Drug Deaths Caused by Xanax Laced with Fentanyl

South San Francisco, CA   April 27, 2018

Photo by Donna Fentanes


Donna Fentanes took a picture shortly after the untimely and tragic death of David Ochoa. The picture is being immortalized by artist, Mark DeRaud, because it was taken near the place David died. Mark’s wife, Wendy, wrote an important blog about art and its relationship to our present lives.
The larger story is what happened to David, and what’s happening to many of our young people here on the Peninsula.
Here is the link to Wendy’s blog: Guest Blog: David’s Sunrise – The Story of a Photo, by Wendy DeRaud, Please also watch KRON’s segment featuring David’s mother speaking out about the danger present right now, today, among our young people.
This opiod crisis is taking hold in our local communities and it is urgent we help get the word out. The Sitike Center on Spruce at Grand Avenue offers services for those in need.
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