Letter to the Editor: Update on Measure W

South San Francisco, CA   April 7, 2018 Submitted by a South San Francisco resident

Dear Editor:
As a public service, the Measure W Community Meetings are scheduled for the public by the SMITHGROUP.JJR, ARCHITECTS: PLEASE POST
Measure W Subcommittee  4/9/18 @ 1 PM  City Hall Conference Room
Friends of the Library         4/10/18@6:30 pm Main Library Auditorium
Cultural Arts Commission   4/19/18@6:30 pm Betty Weber Room ( Municipal Svce Bldg).
Planning Commission        4/19/18@7:00pm Council Chamber (  Municipal Svce Bldg.)
Council Study Session #1     4/25/18
    ”                      ”         #2     6/13/18  * call City Clerk for venue and if public meeting
Streets Alive! Parks Alive! Pop-Up  5/5/18  Orange Memorial Park *no time given*

UPDATE ON THE April 4th Meeting:

Last night’s meeting discussed the collected Measure W revenue as of February 2018 reported by the city finance director, Richard Lee.

Someone in the community complained that the website does not inform people of the even months meetings and that the scheduled community events are also not posted on the webpage.It is a recurring complaint. Less than 10 people in attendance.

It was also expressed that a community pool be built to replace Orange Pool at Orange Memorial Park, because Measure W collected revenue above the 7M projection (8M, 9M since passage) . Orange Pool was built in 1970 and predates the Municipal Service Building being replaced.
The community has wanted a new pool for decades.

Clear simple reporting on the website was

The architect and asst. city mgr. were present who, explained the funding for the project and showed slides of designs for the library, recreation center. Announced the community and commission meetings.

It appears Measure W funds collected taxes above projections but, does not have enough money to cover the 172M costs of the project and Asst. City Mgr. discussed fundraising strategies yet to be determined.

One of the oversight committee members asked about 1% increases in construction costs and the Asst. City mgr. expected those to be higher.

Discussed pension obligations brought up by one of the commissioners,and to be on the next meeting agenda.on the next even month meeting
for June.

One member submitted a letter for the record.

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