Mayor Liza Normandy Presents Certificate of Recognition to Mater Dolorosa Parish

South San Francisco, CA   April 27, 2018 Sheri Boles contributed to this write up

The good works of one of our local parishes has not gone unnoticed as South San Francisco Mayor Liza Normandy presented Mater Dolorosa Catholic Parish with a Certificate of Recognition at the April 25th City Council. The Mater Dolorosa Parish is known for their outreach benefiting those in our community and this recognition is much deserved.

Two of the most popular current programs target the most vulnerable in our community; seniors and kids. The Parish’  SENIOR BROWN BAG  has provided food to 270 housebound seniors! Through their KIDS NOW efforts about 470 low income families with kids have benefited.

Standing from left to right: Sandra Zicke, Edith Eichensehr, Mayor Liza Normandy, Mary Beaudry, “Pastor Roland” (Rev. Fr. Rolando De la Rosa), and Margarita Lee.

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Scott Grindy
Scott Grindy
3 years ago

It’s wonderful the Parish does so much for the community seniors plus the many other SSF residents in need.