SSF United Youth Soccer League Finds a Home at Parkway Middle School

South San Francisco, CA   April 19, 2018

After years of advocacy South San Francisco community leader Patty Gomez shares the following good news “I can’t sit with all the excitement. South San Francisco Unified School District in partnership with City of South San Francisco has granted our very own SSF United Youth Soccer League use of Parkway Middle schools ball field which is being renovated.” Patty writes. “Thank you for putting South City residents, students, and families first. Ssf United Youth soccer League has been providing youth soccer program for 33 years as a non profit with low registration fees, volunteer coaches and volunteer board/committee to our underserved community. We are very excited and truly grateful as adequate fields for all youth sports continue to be a deficiency SSF has.”

The mission statement of SSF United is commendable and it is important that our City government and School District support their goals ‘South San Francisco United Youth Soccer League (SSFUYSL) is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that strives to make the game of soccer fun, affordable and accessible to all children in South San Francisco and its surrounding communities.’

Upon learning of this good news Yessenia Flores-Guzman said “Wow!! Shout out to the School District and City of South City for partnering up with the league. It’s so huge for them to allow our own kids fields!! Can you imagine the happy kiddos who will gain so much from these fields!! South City kids first!!”

Here is to an exciting and successful season for our youth soccer league.

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