Employment Opportunities at CG Moving Co. South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA   May 23, 2018

CG Moving Co. is a small, family owned moving company located in South San Francisco and we are accepting applications for movers, drivers and office furniture installers. We opened our doors in 2005 and have two full time positions and one on call position available. Public transportation accessible.

Please email your resume to info@cgmovingcompany.com

We will email or call you for an on-site application.

What shifts are available at this location?
Most Days you can expect to start at 6:00 AM and leave by 2:30 PM Monday Thru Friday.
You may be asked to work weekends as required by client’s demands.
If you are hired and accept the position, you will need to provide proof of your identity and employment
eligibility as required by federal law by completing a Form I-9. Here is a link to the List of Acceptable
Document(s) that are needed (either 1 from List A or 1 from List B and 1 from List
C): https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents. CG Moving Co. is an E-Verify employer; so
be prepared to present a document with a photograph!

Things you should know about working with CG Moving Co. :
 Safety, our tag line is “Smart Safe Professional Moves” which means we are careful with our
client’s property and we are also safe when we work. We ensure we work in a safe environment,
which may include stretching, safety tips, wearing safety protection equipment such as gloves or
back support belts and following the rules. Our client’s property, your safety and your team
members’ safety is our concern all the time!

 Customer-Satisfaction, we are a small business, our existence is dependent on absolute
professional service at all levels of customer contact. We are looking for people who can share
our vision and deliver excellent customer service each and every time!

 Quality work, regardless of position! We have high standards. Whether is moving an office or a
warehouse, our customers expect our workmanship to be high quality. We will train you on all
aspects of your job, but you need to be committed to working in an environment where quality
work is expected.

 We are a small and growing company. That means that you may wear different hats. We will
rotate tasks multiple times throughout the week. Some days you may be a mover, a helper or
perform any tasks required to complete the job in front of us.

 We work around the client’s schedule, timelines and demands. This means they can request a
move or materials order whenever they need. Flexibility is key, movers, drivers and installers
should be open to extra hours, work on weekends, late or early start times, time off, and a rapid
pace environment.

 Uniforms are provided! You should be comfortable working in an environment with varying
temperatures. Sometimes we are working in an office environment and sometimes we may work
at buildings which have loading dock doors that open throughout the completion of the job. You
should be comfortable with changing temperature and wear your uniforms at all times.

What do Drivers, Movers and Installers actually do?
 Drivers drive pick-up trucks, box trucks or bobtails, up to 26 feet long. You should have
experience driving that kind of vehicle if you are applying for a driver position. When you are not
driving, you will help your team members with moving boxes or equipment, or installing office
furniture as required by the job. You may also be scheduled to receive and handle deliveries at
our client’s location or our warehouse.

 Movers, Installers and Drivers: Sometimes the job requires that you stand in one place for
extended periods of time, and sometimes you will be walking a good distance around the client’s
location, to and from the moving truck – good shoes are a must, steel toe shoes may be required
at certain moves!


 We move it all! You can expect to handle loads from small envelopes to boxes ranging up to 49
pounds on your own. Larger loads may be carried with the help of another mover or moving

 Auxiliary Equipment to do your job safely. You should be willing and able to operate carts, dollies,
hand trucks and other moving equipment to move large and/or heavy quantities of client’s
property, while keeping the items safe and minding your own safety.

 Potential opportunity to operate forklift equipment, special training is offered to drivers, movers
and installers based on interest and availability.

 Mobile monitoring and checking in. You may use a smartphone, apps, handheld devices, and
scanners, your work may be tracked by GPS, cameras and other technology.

Hourly Pay Rate: Earn up to $17.00 Depending on Previous Experience.
Full time employees can expect:
 Bi-weekly pay schedule
 Employer paid medical (Kaiser Permanente HMO), dental (Delta Dental), chiropractor and
acupuncture benefits for employee only. Employee can ask about dependent medical and dental
insurance at the employee’s cost.
 Holidays (11 pay holidays, including the day after Thanksgiving!)
 Sick time (up to 72 hours sick pay per year)
 One week paid vacation after six months of full time employment.
 On-the-job training and skill development

Are you?
 At least 18 years old.
 Flexible in responsibilities.
 Willing and able to work extra hours as required.
 Able to lift up to 49 pounds, stand/walk for up to 8-10 hours, and be able to frequently push, pull,
squat, bend, and reach. Moving is a very physical job, with or without reasonable accommodation
you will need to complete the job.
 Able to continuously climb and descend stairs safely (applies to sites with stairs), sometimes
there is no elevator access.
 Able to work on a secure mezzanine at a height of up to 40 feet (applies to buildings with
 Willing and able to work on powered equipment-for example forklift. You may also work with lift
gates on our moving trucks.
Basic Qualifications
 Must be at least 18 years old
 High school or GED certificate preferred, but not required
 English literacy skills
 Previous experience in office or household relocations is a plus.
 Experience with power tools or cubicle installation for those applying for installers positions.
 Experience with driving box trucks, bobtails if applying for driver position.

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Amanda Noble
2 years ago

This is great! Thanks.