Letter to the Editor: South San Francisco Screws Drivers Again!

South San Francisco, CA   May 22, 2018   by Mark Johnson, SSF Resident

After a meager page-5 announcement in last Friday’s Enterprise-Journal, the city completely cut South Airport Boulevard traffic at the San Bruno Canal on Monday. This heavily-traveled artery serves to connect many businesses to the airport and shipping. Costco employees tell of a “ghost town”.

Yet the bridge has been deteriorating for years while the city did nothing…

Again and again, I have reminded SSF residents that our city cannot compete in emolument or prestige to hire talented employees. The result – our city management (most of whom aren’t even candidates for the “B” team) has become defensive; they are uncommunicative to the point of secrecy, they organize against the citizenry, and they routinely fail to do their work properly.

Traffic in the city furnishes great examples.

First: there is no publicly-reviewed traffic plan.

Second: the so-called Traffic Commission is a closed-session of some department staff with no announced agenda.

Third: the department is publicly committed to “traffic-calming” (ie: creating delays and diversions that reduce the number of vehicles on the streets).

Fourth: there has been a absence of traffic-management planning for construction during the past decade-plus.

Fifth: ever since the traffic-camera debacle, the city has acted as if they had a vendetta against private citizens.

And I’ve not mentioned neighborhood complaints about speeding, wrong-way drivers, over-crowded parking, commercial vehicles parked long-term, or school-related traffic problems….

Yes – I do understand I’m castigating somebody’s husband, or son, or aunt, or sister…

But a city of 75,000 that welcomes workers from out of town but fails to provide adequate public transport where it’s needed, traffic is a REAL issue. And we need to stop the inept bumbling of the folks we employ!

Channel ABC 7 News did a segment on this chaos CLICK HERE.



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