Mother of 10, Author Donna Fentanes to Speak May 5th at SSF Library

South San Francisco, CA   May 3, 2018

Mother of 10, Donna Fentanes shares her experiences in her new book The Plight of the Hare

They say you should write about subjects that you know and local neighbor and author Donna Fentanes does just that in her recently published book this Saturday May 5th at the main library 840 West Orange Avenue, South San Francisco. Her wit and understanding cut to the core bringing laughter and tears from someone who has experienced the joys and hardships of parenting.  Be sure to make your way to the library this Saturday for this 2PM event!


‘Donna Fentanes is a local writer and busy mother of ten. Her first book, The Plight of the Hare & Other Stories From the Shoe, is a collection of stories from her blog From the Shoe where she recounts the life of a hare-brained mother of ten navigating her way to a more tortoise way of life. Her relatable stories about life, parenting and mommy’ing will speak to all families speeding through life with kids in tow.  She has been encouraged by the NANOWRIMO movement, and her book is a result of her dedicated participation.’ -SSF Library



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