Mother’s Day GAME ON!

South San Francisco, CA   May 3, 2018 

Do you have thee BEST Mom in the world and just want to shout about it? Are there special moments that have highlighted what it is about YOUR Mom that makes her simply above all others?

Tell us about your Mom and be entered into our GAME ON contest. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on May 9th.

You can add your story below or send to us at

To all our Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Angelique Presidente
Angelique Presidente
3 years ago

My mom is the best because she has always been the one to organize and take care of our family. When I was younger I was a very busy dancer and she helped run me around to competitions and practices for years. When I grew up and went on my own she still took care of my son while I was at work.

Later on my grandparents grew older and my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, she took care of her so she wouldn’t have to go into a home until she died, even when my grandmother forgot all of us existed, she stayed strong and gave her the compassion and love she deserved.

Now my father is very sick. He has numerous ailments that hinder his mobility and health. She takes care of him everyday, all awhile living through her own pain and ailments.

I know my mom would do anything for me and my family, she has done so my whole life!!
I hope I can win this contest so I can give her the prize.

Kris Anderson
Kris Anderson
3 years ago

I was going to enter…..but I want Angelique to win!!!! I just wanted to shout out to my 92 year old mom, who STILL teaches water areobics at OMP pool and was recently awarded “THE OLDEST employee of the City of SSF EVER!!!” (she was NOT fond of the title!….but ever so graciously accepted anyway.) She has been the rock for my family and is always there to lend an ear, babysit or cook for us. AND to my beautiful daughter Amanda who manages to work at City Hall, coach AND play soccer, raise my 3 awesome precocious grandsons and STILL find time to be a good friend to those in need! I am SO BLESSED to have these AMAZING women in my life!!!