Scholarship America Presents Honors Genentech FuturelabProgram

South San Francisco, Ca  May 24, 2018  Submitted by KM, originated Longview News Journal

Preface: A South City neighbor sent us this article saying ‘My daughter was part of the Genentech FutureLab Program and it really helped her to focus on a career in science. I don’t want to embarrass her yet I wanted to be sure others know about these programs. Thank you for posting anonymously’

Genentech’s award-winning FuturelabProgram is a hyperlocal STEM education initiative that supports more than 9,000 K-12 students in the South San Francisco Unified School District. Futurelab gets students excited to learn about science, improves college readiness and inspires careers in STEM fields. Futurelab is powered by Genentech employees who mentor, coach and advise South San Francisco (SSF) students, with more than 1,500 employees volunteering time, talent and passion each year.

Since 2014, Genentech has invested more than $23 million in support of South San Francisco schools via its Futurelab programs including Gene Academy, an after-school mentoring program for elementary school students; Helix Cup, an eighth grade science competition that builds communication and problem-solving skills; and Science Garage, a four-year, hands-on biotech curriculum open to all SSF high school students. Futurelab Scholarships motivate students to dream big and include awards of up to $200,000 over four years to two exceptional seniors each year, as well as eight smaller one-time awards.

Two Futurelab scholars, Alma Navarro, a biomedical engineering major at California Polytechnic State University and Diana Flores, a computer science major at the University of California Santa Cruz, presented Scholarship Honors to Kristin Campbell Reed, director of employee and corporate giving, Genentech.

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

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your neighbor
your neighbor
2 years ago

Genentech is a good neighbor helping our ailing schools.

Their leadership is setting the example for the future of biotech lab carreers right in our backyard-of our local schools.

I’m proud to say the So. City community was right to support Genentech when the then council welcomed them to fill the void when the factories left.