South San Francisco Residents Quack Up After Being Ducked

South San Francisco, CA   May 28, 2018 

Alicia and her family woke up to learn they had been ‘DUCKED’

South San Francisco resident Alicia Padilla De Lira awoke the other morning delighted to find out her home had been ducked as her family examined all the rubber ducks in their front yard. “We live in Southwood and got DUCKED!” Alicia said.  “It was a simple good deed that put a huge smile on our faces….my kids, spouse and I then DUCKED someone in our neighborhood and in the Brentwood neighborhood!”

Ducking appears to be the new form of the Flamingo Flocking that brought laughter to many homes a few years ago. With Flamingo Flocking the intent was generally a fundraiser and monies would be donated to a specific cause to have the flamingos removed but it continued on in some parts as just plain fun.

And that is exactly what the Padilla De Lira household experienced- Fun! “I decided to double the fun and get more ducks and DUCK two neighbors.” Alicia said. So if you get Ducked enjoy the good natured prank and think of a neighbor or friend you might want to DUCK as well. “We just learned we got DUCKED from someone in San Francisco.”

To view Alicia’s video CLICK HERE

If you get DUCKED be sure to share with us CLICK HERE


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