SSFHS Receives Bogus Threats Once Again

South San Francisco, CA   May 8, 2018  

In another attempt of terrorizing our schools across the country, South San Francisco Unified School District has put out two alerts today updating on the latest threat. The first alert was sent out early this morning with a follow up at 12:20pm. The District Director of Student Services and Public Information Officer Ryan Sebers continues to share updates with Everything South City as we help bring updates to our larger community.

Dear SSFUSD Parents and Community,

Unfortunately, we received another anonymous threat with a general reference to “the school.” There is no specific indication of which school the unknown individual is referencing. Similar to the threat we received in mid-April, the current threat message is being distributed to schools across different counties in California, from an anonymous online group.

Upon receipt of the threat, South San Francisco Police Department were immediately notified. At this time, it is believed that there is no credibility to the threat, and that it is likely generated as a hoax.

School will continue to be in session as regularly scheduled.

We are asking staff to remain aware of anything or anyone suspicious or out of the ordinary on campus and notify the office immediately.

Thank you,

Dr. Shawnterra Moore



District Alert


Updated 12:20pm 05/08/2018


In collaboration with local law enforcement and the San Mateo County Office of Education, we have been informed that the Northern California Intelligence Task Force is continuing to investigate the anonymous threat, and that they are treating the threat as non-credible.


Similar to the threat messages we received in mid-April, the current threat message appears to be distributed to multiple schools/districts by an online gaming group associated with the Midwest area.


The Northern California Intelligence Task Force is continuing to work with law enforcement partners to locate those responsible for the threats.


School continues to be in session as regularly scheduled.


Although school continues uninterrupted, parents will be permitted to keep their children at home if desired, but must notify the school office of the absence, which will be excused.


As a precaution, South San Francisco Police and other local law enforcement agencies will continue to be vigilant throughout our school communities.

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