WARNING: Scam Calls Impersonating Apple Service Personnel

South San Francisco, CA   May 4, 2018 Submitted by Rose Chang Chiu


Just wanted to warn others:

Last Friday, I received a soliciting phone call with a recording that said my Apple product was compromised and told me to either call a number or press a number to get help. The only Apple product I have is a phone from work that isn’t connected to my home phone. Being nosy, I pressed whatever number I was told to and was transferred to a live person who also told me there was a problem w/my Apple product. I asked him if he was an Apple employee and he answered, “Yes.” I asked him which Apple product of mine had a problem, and he told me to go to fastsupport.com, and he will tell me. I hung up.

I know a lot of people have an iPhone or a mac laptop so wanted to let y’all know this was happening.



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