Buri Buri Backyard Burglary – Do You Know This Woman?

South San Francisco, CA    June 18, 2018 Submitted by SSF Resident Ashish S.

This woman was caught on video taking furniture from a home on Bonita in the Buri neighborhood on Father’s Day.

There was a burglary in our backyard this afternoon (Sunday June 17, 2018). We saw a lady stealing from our backyard on camera and alerted cops. By the time cops reached, she had fled away with her prize.

She and her partner were waiting on the street in their cars, saw us stepping out. She rang our doorbell and made sure no one was home, walked brazenly into our backyard and inspected weight of our patio furniture, parked her car in our driveway and started loading our furniture in her car while her partner was waiting in another car and probably guarding the gate for her. We have her on camera. She is a middle aged woman, was wearing black tank top and purple sweat pants, her car was red Ford Expedition, her partner’s car was also red/burgundy (most probably a mazda).

PS: The description of the cars and lady is based on our camera footage and information from neighbors. I have reported this information to the police.
Here she is caught on camera: https://youtu.be/PrutYCtDhno

Description of person involved – Hair: Black, Top: Red tank top, Bottom: Purple Sweat pants, Shoes: Slip-on, Age: Late forties, Build: Heavy, Sex: Female

Description of vehicle involved – Color: Red, Make: Ford, Model: Expedition, Type: SUV, Other details: Buri Buri neighborhood

If you have any information on this or other similar incidents please contact SSFPD at 650/829.8900 or the anonymous tipline at 650/952.2244

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