City Council Approves Record $90 Million Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2018/2019

South San Francisco, CA   June 28, 2018  Press Release

During last night’s City Council meeting, the City of South San Francisco approved the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), appropriated at $90.2M, which outlines large capital expenditures and infrastructure improvements throughout the city.

“Approving this record $90.2 million CIP budget was top priority for the City Council,” says Mayor Liza Normandy. “For years, the City was forced to defer maintenance and updates due to the economy and past recession. It’s time to focus on our community’s quality of life and address long-awaited projects to better serve our residents now and in the future.”


At a high level, the $90.2 million CIP program is broken out into three areas:

  • Streets and Traffic; $43,029,000 = 48%
  • Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drains; $25,247,000 = 27%
  • Parks and Public Facilities; $21,960,000 = 25%



There are three new projects and 21 existing projects that will study the feasibility of proposed roadway and rail extensions, repair bridges, resurface streets, improve medians and sidewalks.



There are five new projects and eight existing projects that will focus on arterials, corridors, and key intersections within the City, including adaptive traffic signals to provide better traffic flow, improve pedestrian safety, traffic calming, and better bicycle rider safety on city streets. One new project, West of 101, is the proposed Hillside Boulevard and Lincoln Street traffic signal. The proposed project will remove the stop sign and signalize the intersection improving traffic flow along Hillside Blvd. and Sister Cities Blvd. This project will also determine whether or not a crosswalk on Hillside Blvd. will need to be added as part of the improvements.


Sanitary Sewer:

There are two new projects and 14 existing projects that will upgrade and improve the infrastructure at the Water Quality Control Plant, as well as improve and rehabilitate sewer lines within the City.


Storm Drains:

There are five existing projects that will repair and improve storm drains and install green infrastructure to reduce pollution that runs off into the San Francisco Bay.


Public Facilities:

This one new project and 11 existing projects will renovate, construct, and improve city buildings. These improvements include installing electric vehicle chargers for city fleet, planning for a new parking garage, the design of the new Community Civic Campus, and remodel of Fire Station 64.



There is one new project (Oyster Point surveillance capabilities along the Bay Trail) and 11 existing projects (Parks 11 program) that will replace and improve playgrounds, renovate baseball fields, and expand parks at city-owned public spaces.


“Improving the quality of life for our residents is this City Council’s number one priority, and that is reflected in this capital program which focuses on improving traffic flow, expanding bike and pedestrian ways, and renovating our parks and ballfields,” adds City Manager Mike Futrell, “and this Council plans to continue bringing improvements forward.”


Future projects in the City’s five year capital plan includes the expansion of Orange Memorial Park to add additional ballfields and a high quality soccer field, replacement of the existing public pool with an indoor aquatic center, and construction of a new Civic Center which includes a joint library and recreation center, police operations center, 911 dispatch center, and fire station.


Click here to view the FY18/19 CIP Program.


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