Improve Your Quality Of Life By Working From Home In South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA   June 18, 2018  by Guest Writer Chrissy Francis, Financial Advisor

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South San Francisco has some of the best living conditions in America and, indeed, the world, but it comes at a cost – according to a study by AreaVibes, the living cost index in South City comes in at 177 – against the national average of 100. That’s 77% higher, and nearly 40% higher than the rest of California. For a great education, low crime and a gorgeous climate, it’s a price worth paying.

Sometimes in life, you need a little extra to cover the costs, but perhaps can’t sacrifice time to the office.Seasonal work is common to South City, but for many families, extra income is welcomed with a bit of regularity and without the disruption to the hallowed work/life balance. Ultimately, it’s about finding some extra income to make life that little bit more comfortable. A great way of achieving that is by taking work at home – whether on the side or permanently.

What can working from home do for you?

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is the time and money you save on the commute. According to SmartAsset, the average commute in San Francisco clocks in at $20 of parking a day and $3.50 spent on gas. That can easily rack up, and cutting that out can save thousands every year. Finding the right job to earn from your home can be a fantastic way to cut down on fuel, time lost to driving or using public transport, and also the time spent physically getting ready for work and out the door.

Staying at home to work also opens up more opportunities to spend time in and around South City San Francisco’s beautiful environs, and experience the burgeoning fast-casual breakfast scene springing up.

What jobs can you complete?

South San Francisco is no stranger to high technology and that has continued today. From the government-led biotechnology program to the 171 startups that call the city home, the growth of the town has been characterized by technology. The result is that working from home is easier than ever. Even if you don’t have the skills or desire to work in a tech industry, the digitally native population will be buying stuff online in their droves. You can work from home, and distribute your products via e-commerce, only venturing out when needed to mail your items.Modern courier service apps might even rule that out.

What’s the outlook?

Working from home could start as a side-gig, or go full time from the off. Many of the highest paying jobs around are largely based from homes; though, given, the likes of medical directors and CEOs have more than one home to work from. However, the opportunity is there, and if you use the time you save at home to make yourself flexible and take opportunities as they come, you can enjoy yourself and make good money from the comfort of your house.

Working from home is a very modern way of working and can bring reduced stress levels to your life. The earning potential is going higher with every year that technology advances and the range of opportunities diversifying. The key is to stay flexible and make the most use of your spare time.

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