Keep Your Pets Safe This 4th of July Season

South San Francisco, CA   June 29, 2018

While most all of us know fireworks of any type are illegal in South San Francisco including the ‘Safe and Sane’ types which are sold in neighboring Cities, every year we see huge displays of color and thundering sounds reverberating through out the area and the ill effects on our pets. Therefore it comes down to pet owners to work even harder at protecting our pet(s) knowing 4th of July has the largest incident of missing pets reported. WE need to be proactive!


One of our administrators posted this warning on our social media and it deserves to be repeated:

We often post in hopes of helping lost pets and families reunite. Keep your animals safe this Independence Day by making sure they are wearing a visible ID tag. Take a photo of them just in case they get lost, exercise them earlier in the day, keep them away from flames, etc. and leave gentle music on to help with the loud noises. Let’s try to keep the number of lost pets in our community down this year. Please share!

Thundershirts have been described as a great way to reduce anxiety in animals and a call to our local Pet Club confirmed they do not currently care these however they are available online. Other products are available online as well yet can anything really compare to the 2 leggeds love and personal care to their furry family? Take the time to follow some of these ideas to ensure your pet does not become frightened and run off. Everything South City has an an incredible success rate of reuniting lost owners with wandering 4 leggeds and we look forward to a small list, if any, of missing pets this coming week.

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