Local Girls Baseball 10u Storm is Fundraising for the Trip to the Nationals

South San Francisco, CA   June 25, 2018 Gofundme info was requested to be shared via private message

These girls don’t stop. Along with their families, this group of athletes have dedicated their summer to softball.

The summer began in Napa…..San Bruno started the weekend off with two losses only to come back and win the Championship game against the undefeated Napa Valley Softball team.

They have had a few learning experiences along the way. This has only made them stronger, and more resilient to face the 22 teams in their age bracket this past weekend at the Twin Creeks National Qualifier. The growth and sportsmanship they gain through every win and loss is evident every time they step out on the field, and they fight HARD. Their weekend ended with a 4th place trophy and a bid to Nationals.

We are dealing with an amazing group of athletes and coaches here. They have flat out EARNED their trip to Nationals. Now, we need your help…..a week in Southern California is a bit expensive and quite a hardship for our little Bay Area families. The goal is to raise 2,000 per team member to help offset the hotel cost for each family.

Thank you so much for supporting San Bruno Storm!

To help support the team CLICK HERE

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