Sewer Service Rebate Program for Low Income Residents of South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA    June 16, 2018  Submitted by Mina Richardson, SSF Resident

The City of South San Francisco (City) is pleased to offer the 2018-2019 Low-Income Sewer Service Rebate Program to residents who are eligible to participate in ** Cal Water’s Low Income Rate Assistance (LIRA) Program. **(see below for more info)   The City Council has approved the rebate program for current Cal Water LIRA eligible residential customers throughout South San Francisco. Qualifying applicants will receive $76 per address for this fiscal year.

If you qualify for this rebate, please complete and submit the rebate request application and follow instructions below.

Application Requirements- please provide along with a completed and signed application, copies of the following:

  • Valid California Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Proof of enrollment in the Cal Water LIRA program
  • Recent copy of Cal Water LIRA bill in the same name as on this application
  • You must live at the address where the rebate will be received
  • You must submit your Property Tax bill for sewer fee payment confirmation (Renters will also need to obtain this)

How to Apply:

Please complete this form and return to the Public Works Corporation Yard or send application to:

Low-Income Sewer Service Rebate Program Public Works Corporation Yard

550 N. Canal Street

South San Francisco, CA 94080

For questions, please e-mail or call



LIRA offers a service-charge discount to qualifying low-income customers.

To qualify for LIRA:

  • The Cal Water bill must be in your name.
  • You must live at the address where the discount will be received.
  • Your household must meet the income guidelines detailed below OR someone in your household must be enrolled in a qualified public assistance program.
  • You must notify Cal Water if your household no longer qualifies for the LIRA discount.
  • Following enrollment, you may be required to provide proof of eligibility.
  • You are required to recertify your eligibility every two years (four years if you have documentation proving you are handicapped or elderly [62+]).

Maximum Household Income (effective June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018)

To be eligible for LIRA based on household income, your household’s gross annual income may not exceed these guidelines:

Household Size 1-2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Total Combined Annual Income $32,920 $41,560 $50,200 $58,840 $67,480 $76,120 $84,760

(Add $8,640 for each additional household member)

Current Cal Water customers living in a single-family residence may apply for LIRA electronically using the form below.

The LIRA is not retroactive. If you qualify, you will receive a discount beginning the month after Cal Water received your application. If you prefer not to mail or e-mail your application, you may bring it to your local Customer Center.

If you have questions about LIRA, please e-mail or call toll-free (877) 419-1701.



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