South San Francisco Election District Map Approved by City Council

South San Francisco, CA   June 29, 2018

The South San Francisco City Council has approved the district election map during the Wednesday Council meeting and have chosen map #109 which is shown below. To all the neighbors who put forth the arduous task of creating maps, showing up for the meetings, engaging others – thank you!

This change in voting from ‘at large’ to ‘district’ was brought about due to a threat of a lawsuit by  attorney Kevin Shenkman, to which City officials decided it would be prudent to avoid excessive legal fees with the chance of not winning and realizing this change may be a benefit to local voters. {background info CLICK HERE} This same issue was brought up in 2016 by South City resident Michael Harris in his letter to then Mayor Mark Addiego {CLICK HERE} This subject was again broached in 2017 on Everything South City {CLICK HERE} when neighboring City Menlo Park was also threatened by a lawsuit. In April of this year our City Council agreed to ‘District Elections’ and began the process of identifying voting districts by inviting residents to create mock up maps which the City has shared on their website {CLICK HERE}

The City website states the proposed election sequence ‘The City’s historic Council election cycle has two Councilmembers up for election in 2020 and three in 2022. That cycle will continue with two districts up for election in 2020, and three districts in 2022.’ and further updates  ‘On June 20th, the City Council selected Map 109 with Districts 2 and 4 to have elections in November 2020 and Districts 1, 3, and 5 to have elections in November 2022.’

It is important that neighbors be aware of the district boundaries for their neighborhood and to utilize upcoming opportunities like National Night Out or homeowner/renter group meetings to join with others in their area and discuss who might represent them during their election cycle.


UPDATE February 14, 2019 New map and list edit



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