SSFPD to Crack Down on Illegal Curb Parking Starting July 15th

South San Francisco, CA   June 16, 2018

In a flyer sent out specific to neighbors in the Avalon and Brentwood neighborhoods regarding an upcoming HOA meeting, the City of South San Francisco has announced the Police Department will start to crack down on those drivers who illegally park partially on the sidewalk.

A friendly reminder from the South San Francisco Police Department: The City is aware of vehicles partially blocking the sidewalks in the neighborhood and want to remind residents that it is illegal. Parking on sidewalks hinders pedestrians and disabled persons from using the sidewalks. The SSFPD will begin enforcing vehicles that are illegally parked starting July 15 , 2018 .

In other news specific to Brentwood; the Brentwood Shopping Center parking lot, which is owned by the City of South San Francisco, will be upgraded in the future and there is talk of converting this lot to paid parking. Neighbors in the area should be aware of this possible change because it will increase visitor parking on residential streets. Also, while there is nothing yet confirmed on the City’s website regarding the Bowl, there has been much speculation of this area being rebuilt with more mixed use development. To view the City’s construction map CLICK HERE

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