The Employment Scams South City Residents Need To Know About

South San Francisco, CA   June 25, 2018  by Contribution from Chrissy Francis, Financial Advisor


Employment scams are on the rise as imposters are advertising fake job adverts in a bid to get hold of your personal information. Imposter scams were 2017’s most common type of scam, with almost 350,000 cases reported. As a result, the nation lost $328 million to imposters last year, as 1 in 5 individuals fell for the fraudsters’ tricks. With scammers targeting South City’s utility companies, the elderly and now local job seekers, here’s all you need to know about the latest job scams doing the rounds.

Too good to be true

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been the target of fake job scams for years, with one particular BBB job scam originating in the San Francisco Bay area. In this scam Craigslist and similar sites are used to post exciting new job opportunities. You apply, get the job and are requested to pay for your initial training. Out of excitement and knowing you may have just competed against 100 other applicants, you pay up, but then you hear nothing more from the advertiser. The BBB also warn that fraudsters are using the names of genuine Canadian construction companies to target their victims. Often the jobs advertised are work from home administrative positions. Once you sign up for the role, you’re instructed to deposit fraudulent checks and transfer cash to different accounts, leaving you out of pocket.

Fake LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn has a reputation for professionalism and high standards and scammers are taking advantage of this. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common on the business and social network as South City residents are encouraged to apply for job adverts that simply pop up on their screens. Most wouldn’t consider this as out of the ordinary, considering that 84% of businesses now use social media to recruit new employees, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Fraudsters have even managed to use LinkedIn to create fake profiles, making themselves appear as genuine professionals on the lookout for South City job seekers like you. Once you accept their invitation, they get hold of your email address and will send you phishing emails to persuade you to part with your cash.

Stay safe

When you find a great job opportunity it’s tempting to apply straight away and send over all the information the ad requires, but it’s wise you step back and assess the advert further. Thoroughly research the recruiter and the company to ensure they’re legitimate. It’s worth checking out the company’s website and calling them directly to ensure that the role is genuine too. When you’re offered a job, you should still be vigilant and should carefully consider the vacancy given to you. If the recruiter starts asking for personal information such as your security number, wants to send you a check to deposit or requests you pay for your training, always walk away.

Scammers will do all they can to make you part with your hard earned cash. Job scams are on the increase as fraudsters know that when people are seeking employment, they’ll do almost anything to ensure they secure the role. Therefore, always be on the lookout for jobs that sound too good to be true, avoid advertisements sent directly to you and practice safe job searching practices at all times.

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