California Wildfires: Resources

South San Francisco, CA   July 1, 2018

eery orange overcast skies Photo credit Mary Sullivan-Almada
{photo added July 2)

California is known for it’s drought conditions and in recent years we have witnessed more wildfires in under-forested areas that have been impacted by humans and climate change, causing massive evacuations and damage in much of our State. We recommend you bookmark these resources before heading out to enjoy our open spaces. As encouraged to be done with home fire prevention and education, we also recommend you have safety plans set in place with family and friends to know what to do should you encounter fire or other dangers while in new environments. The government offers a host of resources to help you prepare before any danger sets in, what to do during an emergency and what to do afterwards. Points are given for at home emergencies as well as outdoor concerns such as wildfires. CLICK HERE to gain some valuable insights that just might safe your life or that of a loved one. In the past our wildfire season tended to start later in the year however we are now seeing out of control burns hitting some regions as early as spring.




South San Francisco Fire Department offers a 12-week course on Emergency Response for residents to learn how to prepare for emergencies and we highly recommend taking this course held one evening a week. South City is proud to be home to one of California’s most active Community Emergency Response Team with a good percentage of those taking the workshops continuing on with training and some extending their knowledge to the programs HAM Operators. For more information on the SSF CERT program contact the director  and on the City website CLICK HERE. For past articles about CERT CLICK HERE




CalFire offers some great resources for public use to understand the details of fires under their jurisdiction and can be found CLICK HERE. To view the overall CA fire map CLICK HERE

Below is a current map showing the active fires in red and those which are 100% contained in black. By using this link CLICK HERE you can click on any fire to access detailed information including exact location, size of the fire, personnel involved, evacuation warnings/centers, important phone numbers and more. It’s a great resource to bookmark should you need it in the future.





Wildfires on federal lands are managed by the US Forestry Department and at times CalFire will provide assistance. The US Forestry website offers a host of information and resources including mapping, science and technology, great educational programs, and wildfire updates among other excellent material.

Below is a screen shot of current wildfires in California which can be followed via twitter

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