Letter to Editor: PUC City Requirements

South San Francisco, CA   July 25, 2018 by Cory A. David

An open letter to residents of South San Francisco, readers of Everything South City and everyone unhappy about the city’s handling of the PUC site development:

For more than two months I have been attempting to obtain written information on protocols utilized by our public servants to determine both public notification and housing density requirements for this project.

To date, I have received nothing. The cynic in me leads me to believe that something is amiss with this project. While I have no doubt that some sort of housing density formula exists, I am far from certain that any acceptable protocol was utilized to notify the residents of this community. Again, this is my opinion but as life has taught me, sometimes what isn’t stated is more suspicious than what is. I can only conclude that the city officials that I help to employ feel they have no responsibility to provide this information.

That being the case, I am asking fellow residents who are as disenchanted with our city government as I am to contact the city manager’s office either by e-mail or phone and request written information on the housing density requirements for this project and, more importantly, the protocols utilized to notify the residents of this upcoming project. Maybe they will feel more beholden to a mass outcry.

If I might venture a guess, if indeed our city officials failed to use acceptable protocols for public notification, this project will grind to a halt. However, if the city decides to comply with our requests and provides information indicating they performed their fiduciary duties, my bad, I apologize. I encourage them to prove me wrong.

Thank you,


Cory A. David.

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Peggy Deras
Peggy Deras
4 years ago

Bravo Cory!

I would very much like to see what you request.

Also: What is the benefit of tossing away our beloved and well-used Municipal Services Building on Arroyo?
I can certainly see that the City might want to utilize some of the (unsaleable) PUC property for a Recreation Center and park for residents, but adding a multi-million dollar Civic Center is totally unwanted and unnecessary when we already have same right across El Camino.

your neighbor
your neighbor
4 years ago

Well welcome to our world.

The City leadership deems you now a sniveling malcontent, unworthy to receive a response.

So, you will join the rest of us who cry foul. 2 members on the city council are lifers, who are proud to ‘serve’ for 20+ years . Residents should put an initiative on the ballot for term limits so this anomaly ends, but will take at least 5K signatures and a leader to start.