Mayor Liza Normandy Retires from Elected Public Service; Will Continue as CEO of SSF Chamber of Commerce

South San Francisco, CA    July 17, 2018

Mayor Liza Normandy

After over a decade of elected public service, South San Francisco Mayor Liza Normandy will not be seeking political office come this November and she will continue her position as CEO of the SSF Chamber of Commerce. She has penned a heart felt letter to residents of our City as she reflects back on her time with the School Board and City Council, what she has learned and has accomplished. We wish her well in all future pursuits.

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Mark A Johnson
Mark A Johnson
3 years ago

I have disagreed with Councilwoman Liza Normandy on many fundamental issues over the past half-dozen years. She played her part in the most notable mis-step the SSFUSD has made in decades. She has had no home-runs and lots of strikes.

Nevertheless, Liza stood in the batter’s box when the rest of us did not. There has been a lot of booing from the stands by folks who wouldn’t make the effort to get in the game.

I expect her to be a willing advocate for SSF business – a group that has so far made little preparation for the newly-envisaged future, with thousands of car-less renters thronging Grand Avenue looking for groceries, restaurants, and stores.

But I a proud of her for her efforts and tenure as “the Peninsula’s hottest councilmember”. I’m glad she’s been our Mayor.