South San Francisco Firefighters Battle Carr Fire (Shasta) and Cranston Fire (Riverside)

South San Francisco, CA   July 27, 2018  Press Release


We are grateful to our South San Francisco Fire Department’s HEROES, who are helping battle the Carr Fire in Shasta County California, which has grown to 20,000 acres and is 10% contained. Our own South San Francisco Fire Department departed Fire Station 61 yesterday, where SSFFD Battalion Chief Steve Cardosi, serving as the Strike Team Leader, and four members of our SSFFD, are representing the Strike Team Engine. They joined four additional Strike Team Engines from San Mateo County.


This morning a Second Strike Team from San Mateo County responded to assist in the fire-fighting efforts for the Cranston Fire, where SSF Fire Department Captain Brian Wisler, together with his 21-member team comprised of five Fire Engines throughout the county are working tirelessly to save lives and homes. We are sending Positive Thoughts to all of our BRAVE Firefighters and wishing them a SAFE Return.




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john Tuvo
4 years ago

Can’t say enough good things about those firefighters, risking their lives for the people and our planet.