Best Library 2018 in USA invites you to Kalligraphia XV Exhibition by Elizabeth Nisperos

South San Francisco, CA   August 19, 2018  by Elizabeth Nisperos

Congratulations to the #1 Library in the Nation in 2018–

the San Francisco Public Library



I almost forgot I’ve an art  piece in the best library of  2018. The library is near Civic Center BART.

The San Francisco Public Library Special Collections Center and the Friends of Calligraphy Guild invite you to Kalligraphia XV exhibit and free demos. Good price, entrance is free!

The exhibition started  from June 16 through August 27, 2018

Skylight Gallery, 6th Floor

San Francisco Public Library

100 Larkin Street

San Francisco, CA

Kalligraphia XV features 96 works by FOC members, from around the globe.


Do you want to be a billionaire or a visionary of the first trillion $$ most valuable Apple  company  like Steve Jobs?

Then do calligraphy. Listen to Steve champion calligraphy in his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech. TO LISTEN TO THE SPEECH CLICK HERE

Or be a Duchess of Sussex like Meghan Markle, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Or how about just for the fun of it to make people happy with artistic cards/bookmarks  on celebratory events.

The Kalligraphia XV logo was designed by Rick Paulus former White House Chief Calligrapher. He taught two workshops for SSF Friends of Parks and Recreation fundraisers.  He appeared in CNN news related to TOP SECRET security clearances for Kushner. Even a calligrapher has a top secret  clearance.




If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

-Meister Eckhart

Instead of complaining what you don’t have , being grateful with what you have is to be thankful.

Gratitude is the key to happiness.




My piece is  titled Thank You. Last  year as STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) mentor  which was funded by Google, mentors were given assignments or projects to do almost every week based on theme events. Last November we were given an assignment to do game design for kids based on Pokémon/Star Wars theme. Never played Pokémon so I was totally ignorant about the game. But I asked the Nisperos’ clan kids  and they said it’s a game of catching objects to get points. So my Thank You game is about matching Thank You in different scripts and languages when the player visits a country.

The piece contains about 100 Thank you in several languages. There is a big Thank you and a Salamat in Tagalog/Baybayin script.  When a player matches a thank you with a country, he gets a point.

Thank you is dedicated first and foremost  to the hardworking working editor Kamala Wolfe Silva  of Everything South City for her thankless efforts and her late mother  Betty Wolfe who led the Saturday rosary at St Veronica’s; to my family, relatives and friends, to my wonderful neighbors (Imagine a neighbor who takes out your garbage bins if you forget them, who takes care of your side gardens), the friendly residents of SSF, the different Departments (Fire, Police, Public Works, Parks & Rec, Finance/Economic,etc), the City Council. Some residents say that they are grateful for the quality of life surrounded with the small town ambience in SSF

The exhibition  has ancient texts but Valerie  Franco  has a piece related to news , the post of  former FBI director James Comey.  Go and see the exhibition, please.


About the author


The author, Elizabeth Nisperos, thanks the FOC Guild for the three award handcalligraphed certificates  she received for “Outstanding Contribution “(2009, 2013, 2017).

Elizabeth is a regular contributor to Everything South City. To read more of Elizabeth’s interesting articles PLEASE CLICK HERE


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