Bridging the gap between Technology and Underprivileged Kids!

South San Francisco, CA  August 20, 2018 Submitted by Angel More, Parle Innovation Intern 

From creating documents to researching, we live in a time where technology is a big part of education. However, students who grow up underprivileged or in the foster care system do not have access to computers which they can use at school and take home. 

Parle Innovation is providing students in need of essential technology with iPads  they can use to better their education. Parle Innovation created the Dock-It line, of Bluetooth keyboard cases for iPads. Parle Innovation is collecting and distribute used iPads, which we will pair with a Dock-It keyboard case, to low income elementary, high school, and college students in need of vital technology. The pair of Dock-Its and iPads will create a computer like device that will give students access to the numerous benefits that technology provides.

If you have iPads that you are not using or know someone who does please email:

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