Bye Bye Kitty as Sanrio Announces Departure from South San Francisco; Blow Out Sale Sept 15 and 22

South San Francisco, CA   August 29, 2018 Submitted by SSF Mayor Liza Normandy

Bye Bye Kitty ?
– Sanrio, located at 570 Ecceles Avenue here in SSF has made the sad decision to move their operations to Los Angeles. The last day the store will be open will be Saturday, September 8th.

! They will have a blow-out warehouse sale on:
September 15th and again on September 22nd.
Lots of great items! The office will close on December 21st.

Sanrio has been an incredible community partner to several groups, organizations, fundraisers and causes. They will be sorrowfully missed. THANK YOU SANRIO for ALL that you did for the City of South San Francisco!


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