The New and Improved Binoculars: eyeQ

eyeQ: Experience The Moment While You Capture It! The World’s First Fully Immersive Binoculars For Smartphones

South San Francisco, CA   August 20, 2018  by Angel More, Parle Innovation Intern 

Imagine you are at your child’s play or sitting at nosebleed seats at the biggest basketball game of the season. You want to take a video of the event, but when you fiddle with your phones’ camera and zoom setting, you miss out on truly watching the event. So instead you put the phone down and watch the event, but when you get home your friends and family want to see the winning shot or your child’s performance, you cannot show them. What a bummer!

Introducing the World’s 1st Immersive Smart Binoculars: the eyeQ – immersive recording at any event. The eyeQ supports many types of phones and has a Bluetooth touch-control interface. You can view, zoom, record, live stream, all at the same time. The eyeQ is also water resistant and floats.

Next time have the best of both worlds and preorder the eyeQ at: 


From the website:

We’ve all been there: holding our phones up, anxiously trying to capture a captivating event or moment unfolding around us, whether its at a sports game or concert. But, if an event or moment is worth capturing, you shouldn’t have to choose between filming it or watching it with your full attention. Enter eyeQ, a new smartphone enabled binocular viewer that enhances live events by bringing you an immersive HD viewing experience, enabling you to record and experience the moment in real-time.

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