Traffic on Chestnut Worsens and Will Continue as Area Grows – Solutions Needed Now!

South San Francisco, CA  August 29, 2018  {January 11, 2020 UPDATE Below}

We all know the traffic in South San Francisco continues to worsen becoming more problematic for us all to get from one place to the other. Apps like WAZE offer commuters short cuts through what was once local traffic only as our main arteries are backed up for what seems like miles. City planners seem insistent on creating more developments, and while the thought process might be – get people out of their cars and onto public transportation- that is not always the reality as we can see by the traffic jams through out South City.

Our City pays hundreds of thousands of dollars on study after study to implement what they believe to be solutions yet they are not working as exampled by the ‘traffic circle’ on Avalon Drive which will now be removed. Chestnut is another problematic stretch of roadway that cuts through our neighborhoods and is known to back up from Commercial to Hillside Blvd making it prone to accidents, especially at Baden Avenue as drivers attempt to merge.

When we have re-occurring areas of concern our officials need to listen to those who live in the area and are intimately aware of the problems – and solutions that might remedy the accidents. “Somebody already provided these ideas and nothing was done. What’s the best way to propose a reality check for the City and to listen.” asks one jaded neighbor.

This accident on Chestnut at Baden occurred in the afternoon on January 4, 2018


With the proposed major developments coming to the Chestnut area; 174 units at our South City Car Wash, the Civic Campus, and whatever is finally approved for the ‘PUC’ site, and beyond – we need solutions sooner than later.


To some it seems a no-brainer “Install traffic lights and flashing walkaway on Commercial Street and Chestnut. This will at least cut down on cars speeding up cutting back to right lane” our neighbor advises. “And people who going to turn out from Baden should have better view of the oncoming cars. And perhaps add an additional NO Parking on corner of Baden and Chestnut. Many times a big truck or big cars can block the view as well.”


This accident occurred this past Tuesday afternoon, fortunately no one was injured – this time.

Since both of these accidents happened on a weekday in the afternoon perhaps more police patrols in the area or the speed trailer might at least help those passing through to slow down and be more mindful of others sharing the road.

“If we can not control the existing traffic congestion how does the City plan to add more and more developments nearby without having a workable solution at this point. They don’t.”


January 11, 2020 UPDATE

Neighbors have continued to send us information about accidents at this location. This exchange between two of our City Departments, with Engineering Division stating this intersection does NOT meet a three-way stop warrant‘ was sent to us in 2019. Again today we rec’d more photos of yet another accident at this intersection. Perhaps it is time for the City to rethink the need for a 3-way stop.

Accident at 4:pm on Friday January 10, 2020.


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