Concert in the Park Guidelines for Attendees September 22, 2018

South San Francisco, CA   September 22, 2018 Submitted by Sharon Ranals, Director of Parks and Recreation

South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department

Concert in the Park – Orange Memorial Park

September 20, 2018 – 11:00 am – 4:30 am 

Guidelines for Attendees


Concert in the Park 2018 is a free, public event which includes a stage for live music, small dance area in front of the stage, food and beverage concessions for sale, a free Family Fun zone with petting zoo, games, small train, free bocce lessons, and Farmer’s Market. These guidelines are intended to protect attendees from any activities or behaviors which may detract from the enjoyment of the event by others.


The Concert viewing area will be divided by a chalk line.  The area between the dance floor and the chalk line is intended for individuals seated on the ground or in low chairs, so that the view of the stage by other attendees will not be obstructed.  On the other side of the chalk line, attendees may have umbrellas, sunshades, small tents , small tables, and similar items that does not interfere with other attendees’ enjoyment of the event .  We encourage attendees to be mindful not to obstruct the view of others as much as possible by setting up larger items behind the chalk line, and toward the sides of the viewing area. Please refer to the attached diagram.


All relevant provisions  of the South San Francisco Municipal Code (SSFMC) which regulate activities and behaviors within Public Parks shall apply to the Concert in the Park.  The following are a highlight of the most common regulations that are not permitted:


  1. Dogs or other animals, on or off leash, except for service animals (SSFMC § 10.36.095);
  2. Smoking of tobacco or any other plant or product, including the use of electronic smoking devices, a pipe, cigar, hookah, or cigarette of any kind (SSFMC § 8.50.030(b)(1); 8.50.090(c)(4));
  3. Amplified music other than the main stage performance (SSFMC § 10.36.160);
  4. Riding of bicycles or operation of motorized vehicles within the park (SSFMC § 10.36.040);
  5. Disorderly behavior, including but not limited to threatening behavior or conduct that tends to breach the public peace (SSFMC § 10.36.150).


Individuals who are in violation of these guidelines that interferes with the enjoyment of the event may be directed by Event Staff or the SSF Police Department to correct the violation. In the case of a serious or dangerous situation, or for failure to comply with a request to correct a violation, individuals may be ejected from the event and/or referred to the SSFPD for enforcement.


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your neighbor
your neighbor
4 years ago

Those of us who have asked Parks & Rec.for what the community wants: Day in the Park, the way it used to be where everyone from Westborough to Oyster Point attended, all clubs, from Boys Club to the Historical Society to SSF staff showed up to educate people, bring awareness to the changes in SSF.

Concert is Day in the Park Light. Sad.

I know, too much work for Park & Rec.