Letter to Editor: Jeffrey Tong Says No to Measure W (SamTrans Sales Tax)

South San Francisco, CA   September 26, 2018 by Jeffrey Tong

Measure W (Samtrans Sales Tax) is a WASTE of taxpayer’s money that will only exacerbate traffic congestion.


The San Mateo County Transit AUTHORITY (Samtrans) is dysfunctional – They don’t listen to the people.  They serve fewer than 5% of the population, yet they don’t attribute low ridership to their structural dysfunction.

Instead, these paranoid bureaucrats mandate a total monopoly on public transit, which mean riders have no alternative, except the car.

In sum, Samtrans policy causes traffic congestion.  Do not waste billions of dollars over next 30 years adding fuel to the fire!

Please VOTE NO on Samtrans Sales Tax!
VOTE NO on Measure W(aste)!

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