Love Blooms on Sign Hill: Gary Greenwald and Cynthia Zamora Announce Their Engagement

South San Francisco, CA   September 19, 2018

Gary took the day off of work to set up his proposal to the love of his life


Most of us have some significant memories on Sign Hill; hiking the trails, discovering butterflies, or sliding down the letters as a kid. South San Francisco local son, Gary Greenwald, aka Double G, has created yet another one that will become the bedrock of his future and a story to be told for generations to come.

Sign Hill is a favorite destination for Gary and his girlfriend Cynthia Zamora, and after a long work week they look forward to their weekend hike above it all. When Gary knew it was time to pop the question and propose to the love of his life, he thought long and hard about where to do it, and how. He spent a good deal of time scoping out iconic San Francisco locations that would be picture perfect and offer lasting memories yet nothing felt quite right. Because the ‘quite right’ was right here in front of him, Sign Hill.

Popping the question as he pops open a bottle to celebrate


Last August Gary made their dreams come true when he took the day off of work to set up his proposal by having flowers and wine waiting for his love on Sign Hill. When Cynthia arrived home from work Gary suggested a hike and Cynthia said yes more than once that memorable day.

…. and she said YES!!
Congratulations to the happy couple!


After the proposal Gary surprised his bride to be with a special home cooked dinner serving up Cynthia’s favorite foods and thus a new tradition has begun.

Gary took the day off of work to prepare a bounty of Cynthia’s favorite foods to celebrate their new beginnings.


The happy couple will be married in January 2019 with the ceremony taking place in Oakland, where Cynthia is from.

We wish the couple a hearty congratulations!


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Heidi Beck
Heidi Beck
2 years ago

Congratulations! My husband and I just celebrated our 36th anniversary, so it’s a sweet time to read about another couple planning a life together. We wish you every happiness!

3 years ago

I only learned from the best mom! Thank you and love you dearly

Patricia Murray
Patricia Murray
3 years ago

– Pat M