Parkway Heights Middle School Soccer Team Needs Our Help: Dick’s Sporting Goods to Double on our Efforts!

South San Francisco, CA.  October 18, 2018 Submitted by Rebecca Gonzalez-Harris

Parkway Heights Middle School Soccer Team is seeking support from the community to gear up for our new season. DICKS Sporting Goods is matching all donations! If you chip in to help our students, you’ll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.
Please check out our Donor’s Choose for more information!
Thanks so much!

From Donor’s Choose:

Futbol: The Beautiful Game

Help me give my students training gear to improve their soccer skills at school!

My Students

We are a Title 1 middle school with a high-needs population. The students at our school come with challenges, trauma, and cultural challenges due to their recent arrival to the country.

Our students have a hard time adjusting to middle school with more added academic, social, and emotional pressures.

Students have to learn how to navigate social media, family home life, friendship changes, physical changes, all at once.

Many of our students do not have the financial means to play soccer. Parents are working hard, sometimes even two jobs, to provide for their families and the rising cost of housing in our area.

My Project

Our soccer team needs the essentials to play soccer. The different soccer goal nets will help our students be actively engaged, rather than get caught up in negative peer pressures after school or during lunch, which is when we practice. These nets will help them improve the way they take their shots during penalties against the other teams.

Some of our students cannot afford to buy their own gear.

Our district league requires that players have shin-guards, cleats, and soccer balls. Some of our players have never owned cleats before. In order to play the game safely, our players need shin guards and cleats to protect them from injury.


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