San Mateo County Harbor District Announces two Community Forms on Long-term Strategic Plan

South San Francisco, CA   October 26, 2018 Submitted by Martin Rauch, SMCHD


“The Harbor District is inviting all residents of San Mateo County to community forums to learn more and provide input on San Mateo County Harbor District’s long-term Plan,” said General Manager Steve McGrath.

The long-term Strategic Plan will cover all aspect of the Harbors for the coming years: recreational facilities, fishing and boating facilities, finance, environmental quality, sea level rise, climate change, and more.

District representatives will provide information about Strategic Plan issues, be available to answer questions, and solicit citizen views and discussion for the Plan:

In general, what ways can the harbors enhance the economy, environment, and recreation in our county? We would like to hear your suggestions for improving the harbors and what our long-term priorities should be, as well as any other input you would like to share with us.

Two public forums will be held:

November 7, 2018 Community forum, 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco.

November 13, 2018 Community forum, 6:30 to 8:00 PM. District offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Suite 200, El Granada, CA 94018.

“This long-term plan will guide our actions for many years,” said Board President Virginia Chang Kiraly. “We welcome and look forward to the public’s input as we set long-term direction for the Harbor District.”

Input from the forums will be brought back to the Board of Commissioners as they work to complete the long-term Strategic Plan. Please join us.

For more information, visit the District’s website at, email or call 1 (650) 583-44

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