Everything South City Founder Kamala Silva Says Thank You!

South San Francisco, CA   November 1, 2018


Well it has been an interesting road on this campaign trail, a place I did not expect to see myself only a few short months ago. But I am glad I accepted the challenge and thank those who encouraged me to run, those who inspired me to do better, those who led the way, those who walked beside me, and those who pushed me when things seemed tough. While I fiercely protect my strong image I find I must acknowledge a vulnerability put upon me from an accident that has rendered me with nerve damage making walking difficult at times and without all my walking supporters our word would not have reached everyone. For that I am so extremely grateful that those who could walk – did it with gusto!! Thank you!!

Tuesday evening we will learn what the voters of South San Francisco have decided. We will see who will be joining the soon to be declared new Mayor Karyl Matsumoto and Vice Mayor Rich Garbarino to lead our beloved City through the next few years of challenges, and growth.

And it will be a challenge, one that each and every one of us needs to remain engaged in, to continue to get our voices heard, not only between us – but at our Council meetings. And at our Commission meetings. Wherever you feel a need to have your voice heard, be there. And be there respectfully remembering those who are sitting in those seats on the dais have worked hard to be there and are our neighbors as well. And they too are doing this as a labor of love, something we might all too often forget, I ask you to please remember.

To that end, I am asking each and everyone of you who has supported our campaign thank you! It really does take a village and I’m so glad we are all part of the same one – South City!

I would be so honored if you would please join me at my ELECTION NIGHT SUPPORTER APPRECIATION PARTY on Tuesday November 6th at the Santo Cristo Hall, 41 Oak Ave at Mission Road, SSF.

We will have food and if you all are there -we surely will have friends and fun! And thanks to Kevin McGovern we will also be having music! Join us!

Please stop by anytime between 6pm-10pm so I can thank you personally as we watch the election results tally up!

 Neighbors Kamala and Liza Normandy at the Paradise Valley Block Party 2018

I also would like to take this time to thank our outgoing Mayor Liza Normandy for her years of service to our community as an elected official. I first met Liza during the Citizen’s Academy over a decade ago; we were competing in a sandbagging wheel barrel contest and laughing so hard at the same time.

Liza has also been a personal neighbor of mine and we have enjoyed some pretty incredible times through out these years. I have watched her grow as she took on role after role, with grace, integrity, dedication. She is most definitely a role model for all and I greatly appreciate her reaching back to those coming up behind her as she gives them a helping hand through the multiple avenues she has created including the Women’s Networking Forum.  That in and of itself speaks volumes of her dedication to our City and to those who live here.

I wish Mayor Normandy continued success in all that she sets to do.


If you have yet to vote, please do visit my website at KamalaSilva.me

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Peggy Deras
Peggy Deras
3 years ago

We hope the count goes decidedly your way Kamala.
Thanks for running as our voice.