Five Cars Hit on Chapman Ave in Peck’s Lot

South San Francisco, CA   January 27, 2019


A resident of Peck’s Lot neighborhood in South San Francisco shared these photos showing damage done early Friday morning (January 25th around 1:am). “A person just hit more than 5 cars going up Chapman Ave! We know this was going to happen eventually since everyone flies up this street!!” they exclaimed.

The accident was caused by a neighbor who was arrested the neighbor writes.”This street in South San Francisco is very dangerous car be flying up the street all the time..some of us have had our rear view mirrors hit in the past!”  {see more photos below}

A good reminder for us all to respect our residential streets at all times (actually all our roadways!)

In other news Cynthia Marcopulos put this notice out on

A message from our South San Francisco Police Department

We, neighbors, do not call to report cars parked in our area who are overstaying their visit out of kindness, but things will be changing on the recommendation of the SSF PD. Two weeks ago, a black Isuzu SUV parked on our block, and the neighbors have been checking with each other periodically to see if anyone knew the owner or where it belonged (maybe a guest visiting), we’re considerate in this way. Yesterday, we called and left a report saying this car had been parked here for two weeks, no one knows who owns the car, but this morning, our very efficient SSF PD were ringing doorbells to ascertain any information about this SUV. It turns out the SUV had been stolen from Pacifica two weeks ago. The SSF PD was asking if anyone saw the driver or occupants — none of us noticed anyone, it was parked there when we woke up the next morning… The SSF PD asked to please spread the word that if a car that doesn’t belong in your area and has been parked two or three days, please call and report it right away.




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2 years ago

What happened to the “72 hour” rule? Is there no street cleaning in this area? Wouldn’t it have been easier, and quicker, for the SSFPD to run the plate BEFORE knocking on doors???