Spring is coming soon: What will regional housing and jobs look like?

South San Francisco, CA  January 14, 2019 By San Francisco Peninsula Residents Association

Spring is coming soon

Spring does not start until March 20. But housing markets are being planned with new fertilizer. The fertilizer is a wave of housing legislation intended to simulate housing markets. 
Can state and regional government overcome market forces and reduce housing costs equitably?  What will be the sociology of drastically changed neighborhoods when many decisions are centralized to unelected officials? What will be the impact on principles of democracy such as representative governance and taxation?
By early summer our state legislature will be proposing new governing powers split between elected representatives and those who are appointed. What is the risk in this paradigm shift? 
Let’s think about a new governor, super-majority legislature and powerful alliances of businesses who have contributed to the jobs/housing imbalance. What are the likely outcomes? A Housing “Marshall” Plan by summer? Or the Law of Unintended Consequences? 
Respectfully, Editors Neilson Buchanan and John Guislin

About Buchanan and Guislin:

What can two residents do to counter the negative impacts of unparalleled growth on the San Francisco Peninsula? Not much!

But what we can do is help busy residents stay informed and develop a deep understanding about when and how they can effectively raise their voices.

That is the premise behind the San Francisco Peninsula Residents Association Newsletter.

Quality for neighborhoods and work itself have been hallmarks of California’s success.  All of the Peninsula’s communities are experiencing the benefits and pains of sustained growth. Articles selected for this newsletter reflect the editors’ concern for quality of life in each town and city.

Neilson Buchanan and John Guislin are two peninsula residents who care deeply about the life Bay Area residents enjoy. They see warning signs that we are facing increasing threats to our quality of life.

The issues we face may not be easy ones to address, but we are convinced that the best solutions will come from the efforts of informed and engaged residents.

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