Butterfly Walk on Sign Hill with Award-Winning Environmental Educator Liam O’Brien set for May 4th

South San Francisco, CA   February 20, 2019 Submitted by Loretta Brooks, SSF Weed Warrior

SATURDAY MAY 4TH at 11:00am

This Butterfly Walk will be led by Liam O’Brien, who is San Francisco’s well-known lepidopterist, artist, illustrator, and Bay Nature’s award-winning environmental educator. In addition, Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadt, who live on the edge of Sign Hill and have become its ardent stewards, will offer participants benefits from their collective knowledge and enthusiasm. Loretta and Chuck also lead the SSF Weed Warrior Program through San Bruno Mountain Watch, more info HERE.


Some of the butterflies found on Sign Hill


We expect to see plenty of wildflowers with beautiful vistas, not to mention butterflies on this Sign Hill excursion. A large portion of this grassland is protected with Sign Hill Park and the recently donated and acquired Friends of Liberty Park, but the other 26 acres, equally worthy of preservation, are privately owned and vulnerable to development.


We will walk at a leisurely pace, but due to the uneven ground and steep trails, we recommend wearing sturdy shoes and long pants.


Over 60 nature lovers showed up at the 2108 Butterfly Hike on Sign Hill organized by Loretta and Chuck and led by award winning Liam O’Brian
Photo: L. O’Brian


Meet Saturday morning (11am) at Sign Hill’s west entrance: from Oyster Point off 101, go west on Hillside/Sister Cities Blvd., turning off Hillside to Stonegate Drive and continue uphill to the left to Ridgeview Court with the cross street Carnelian at the end. There is a small parking lot there and street parking on the way up, and if necessary the Elks lot may be used for this short time. You may consider carpooling with friends.


Please leave pets at home for this walk, and due to the steep and uneven areas, it may not be appropriate for small children.
A forecast of wind or rain cancels until the next Saturday, May 11th.  No need to sign up but please contact  “chuckheimstadt@yahoo.com”  with any questions.

This photo from the 2017 hike shows Loretta Brooks leading the group closer to areas of interest.
Photo: Jesse Ruiz

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