Criminal Activity in SSF: Breakins / Home Intrusion in Brentwood, Stolen Camaro’s from Westborough – Stay Alert!

South San Francisco, CA   February 1, 2019

We received a few reports of criminal activity in our Brentwood neighborhood via Nextdoor and have confirmed with SSFPD these are under investigation so no other information was available at this time. We will update when more is known. In the meanwhile, please be extra vigilant keeping eyes open for unusual activity or strangers in your neighborhood and report to SSF Police. {In real time call 911 if concerned, if after the fact or info to share please call 877.8900}




In addition we have received information on two SS Camaro’s stolen on January 30/31 from Callan Drive and per PD one has been recovered and car engines appear to be the lure for these cars. There is no trend occurring for any particular crimes in South City although smash and grabs do happen when residents leave items in view in their vehicles. Again, please contact the police if you see anything out of the ordinary.




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