Clearlite Trophies Moves to Daly City After 68-Year Run in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA   March 6, 2019 from ESC FB

Clearlite Trophies announced on their FB page:


After 68 years in the same location, we will be moving April 8th, 2019 to 7345 Mission St, Daly City.
We are excited to continue providing high quality awards and engraving services to the Bay Area

South City residents reminisce of the years of business with Clearlite Trophies on Airport Blvd:

Angela Camp Grew up in South City and yes the City has changed tremendously. The demographics is gone. If all the building of apartments and condos were to help low to middle income that would be great, but I seriously doubt it. More over inflated housing that no one can possibly afford unless you work in the Biotech Industry or Silicon Valley. Sad very sad😔!
Bobbi Woolworth I remember that place well.
Sally Johnson Another long time business leaving ssf. Wake up city council STOP BUILDING.
Cyris U Lilli Sally Johnson agree with you. But I think we should also say, wake up SSF voters! We had a chance to change things up and we left Addiego in. Voted in Nicolas in (who I don’t think was qualified to be given a council seat). A lot of people vote how they do- cause so and so knows so and so or goes to church with so and so, etc etc. Research, listen to them speak! It would tell you a lot about them. Yes- change is gonna happen, but do it responsibly.
Sally Johnson Cyris U Lilli I can tell you I didn’t vote for any incumbent. I agree long time people on the council people voted for the name and nor the damage they’ve done. Time for them all to go. I’ve lived here 55 plus years and this is the worst I’ve seen it.
Cynthia Marcopulos We need term limits…that’s a ballot measure. Anyone up for the task?
Kevin Pappas Thank you Bill Borba. Enjoyed doing business with your family over the years
You held out to the very end. Good going.
Cynthia Marcopulos I purchased a special commemorative plaque to mark the 30 years I worked with Judge Philip J. Moscone for his retirement, part of my gift from me to him to thank him for the 30 years working together — and this is where I purchased it from. The staff was exceptionally helpful and did a first-class job. It’s too bad that SSF caters to the biotech and the big corporations and forgets its humble beginnings with good, wholesome small businesses like this. Truly a shame…this isn’t the first business that has left us or is being pushed out. #Pet Club#
Miranda Stella So so sad. I cannot believe the City is driving away small businesses like yours. SSF is no longer a small hometown.
Teddy Reese Building all the apartments is driving local businesses out building apartments needs to stop.
Sue Peterson Pirazzi Shame another long standing business is pushed out due to so-called progress.
Daryl Pearce City Council has turned that city that I grew up in, too shit. Money hungry. Don’t give a shit about the city or it’s residents. All they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Too bad.
Scott Lesher I think it’s horrible that Clearlite was uprooted. But, I’m glad you were able to relocate and continue your business. How many small business have been uprooted by this heartless housing expansion and are never able to reopen? Look at South City Car Wash. A fixture on that corner for decades. Where will they be able to reopen? It’s likely gone forever. And, with all of the thousands of new residents with cars, wouldn’t some of them like a nearby car wash to patronize? Sadly ironic.
Christian Hoffert The business taxes in Daly City are much lower than SSF. SSF has too many BS hoops to jump through as well except if you are a biotech company.
Deborah Mcgrath Oh wow….Bill Borba and our drum and Bugle Corp about 1966???
Wendy Sinclair-Smith Is this because of the new Caltrain Station?


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