Letter to Editor: PUC site, please view and share with others

South San Francisco, CA  March 7, 2019 Submitted by SSF Residents for Smart Growth

The proposed development will dissect Colma Creek and will be built above BART


Please read this article and view the video:
And, please share with everyone in South San Francisco before it’s too late.
Thank you,
Your Neighbors

#slowtheroll #pausethepowers

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your neighbor
your neighbor
3 years ago

The video should show the ordinance or contract the City signed with the developer to expose the truth of about the PUC development agreement. A request for the Freedom of Information Act is needed.
The City is being led by a smooth and shrewd politician. The council has been coached by him to sound and show “leadership”. Our town has been transformed into a political unrecognizable overcrowded patch of land by outsiders and grifters . We got rid of 2 we need to get rid of 2 more in 2020 when District Elections begin.
The video does not the show the rowdy crowd in January 2018 that filled the atrium and council chambers; the city manager defused the anger by clearing the council into closed session. When they came out told the audience what they wanted to hear that they would only allow the least amount of stories. The video is evidence what they said then but is inconsistent with what we know now.
Also, watch the school board meetings where the City aims to convince them to build on school property for ‘workforce housing’. More sham.
You and your friends must vote NO to any ballot request for money. After their last fiasco at remodeling our schools they should not be given any fraction of one penny of your tax dollars.