Letter to Editor: South San Francisco Police Officer Tvrdik Brings Sense of Security to Local Mosque

South San Francisco, CA   March 16, 2019 by Anis Elmalti

I wanted to take the chance to thank Officer Tvrdik from South San Francisco Police Department for coming by our community Mosque to protect us during Friday prayers yesterday. This was after the terrorism attack on the Mosque in New Zealand.

I want to mention that he was nice and welcoming everybody who passes by him. Thank you for making us feel safe.

The local Muslim community appreciated the sense of security brought by SSFPD Officer Tvrdik on Friday March 15th after the terrorist attacks on New Zealand Mosques

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Concerned neatnik
Concerned neatnik
2 years ago

Where do they take their cars since ssf car wash is closed? Send recommendations to:
33 Arroyo Dr
SSF CA 94080

john tuvo
2 years ago

thanks to the officer for such a good gesture!